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Reno DUI Cases: Breath and Blood Test Evidence

About Breath and Blood Tests

Law enforcement officers employ a number of tests to determine your level of intoxication if they suspect you of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Other than field sobriety tests, in which an officer will require you to perform a number of non-scientific tasks to ascertain whether you are intoxicated and to what extent, breath and blood tests give a clearer picture of your condition at the time of arrest.

A law enforcement officer will administer a breath test using a breathalyzer device if he or she suspects you are driving your vehicle while impaired. A breathalyzer test will give a reading of your blood alcohol content, or BAC. Breathalyzer test results can be inaccurate if the testing is administered incorrectly, or the device in question has a history of incorrect readings, or has not been properly calibrated. In order to get an exact reading of your BAC, could also test your blood directly. Blood tests can also determine whether or not you are under the influence of drugs in addition to alcohol intoxication, and are often used when there is a suspicion of drug intoxication. If you have been administered a breath or blood test, and were subsequently charged with DUI, it is imperative that you contact a Reno DUI attorney immediately.

Defending Against DUI and Breath and Blood Test Evidence

I, Walter Fey, know the laws and surrounding breath and blood testing, the correct administration of tests, and the common violations and failures to correctly administer these tests. I have an extensive history in defending DUI cases, and can help you in defending against faulty evidence. Law enforcement officers or technicians are required to follow a very specific procedure in order to administer a breath or blood tests. If the officer or officers do not follow this procedure correctly, any evidence gathered should be immediately challenged in court demanding the court disallow the testing results. Do not hesitate to call my firm today to learn more about breath and blood tests, and defending your case.

Contact a Reno DUI attorney if you have been administered a breath or blood test as part of a DUI charge.

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