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Reno DUI Defense Attorney

Building a Solid DUI Defense

Building a solid defense against DUI charges can be difficult and having the skill to identify pieces of evidence to support that defense are not always obvious to inexperienced attorneys. As proving a DUI relies heavily on chemical tests to determine level of alcohol or drugs, a strong defense requires a keen understanding of the scientific principles relating to blood or bodily fluid testing, and the impact that chemicals like alcohol have on one’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. These principles shape the type of defense that should be advanced by a good DUI defense attorney, in addition to the law regarding searches and seizures, admissibility of evidence, and legal procedure that must be followed by both prosecutors and the police.

Reno DUI defense cases are exceptionally complex, speaking to issues like partition ratio, slope detection, headspace gas chromatography and nystagmus, terms that are foreign to most lawyers. An attorney cannot adequately challenge a police officer’s field sobriety test if he does not understand how the test should be administered in the first place; likewise, a lawyer cannot confidently discredit a DUI blood test if he does not know how the mechanism works, or how the chemicals interact with the blood sample itself. If you have been charged with drunk-driving in Reno, speak with a Reno DUI attorney to discuss how to defend against your DUI charge with science and fact.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Reno

I, Walter Fey, have an in-depth knowledge of DUI laws, procedures and how to defend against charges. I have been fully trained by the NHSTA in field sobriety tests, and can vigorously defend individuals charged with drinking and driving in the Reno area. My goal is to provide you with the best legal defense possible, one that builds a solid foundation in science and an excellent command of the law. No matter how serious your case may appear, it deserves to be reviewed to identify the potential errors that could be exploited in your defense and lead to a case dismissal, reduced charge, alternative sentence or an acquittal in court.

Contact Reno DUI attorney Walter Fey if you have been charged with DUI and want to defend your case.

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