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DUI Appeals Lawyer in Reno

Do you need to appeal a DUI conviction?

When you were wrongfully convicted of a DUIcharge, you have the right to appeal to a higher court to reverse the decision. An appeal can be a complex process, and it is not possible to present new evidence when requesting an appeal. The conviction will be reviewed with regard to errors that took place during your trial. These errors can include judge errors, prosecutor errors, or errors in sentencing.

When you believe that justice was not served and that your conviction was unfair, it is likely that something can be done to help you. I, Walter Fey, have extensive experience in all types of DUI cases, and can review your situation to determine if you have had errors in the procedures, judge errors, or even an error by your defense attorney. If you were not properly defended, and your lawyer failed to uphold your rights and present the evidence to help you avoid a conviction, this can be addressed in an appeal to the higher court.

DUI Appeals Attorney in Reno

I am committed to helping my clients get the justice they deserve, and as a DUI conviction can lead to serious repercussions, if you were wrongfully convicted, you should seek help from my firm. An appeal requires the presentation of a “brief”, a carefully drafted document that outlines the errors in the trial that led to your conviction. There will be a brief filed by the other side asking to uphold the conviction. In most cases, you have the opportunity to file another brief in answer to the state’s filing.

The drafting of these documents is not an activity that many law firms like to get involved in. I am interested in upholding justice and in helping my clients that need this type of legal counsel. A wrong conviction or sentence can be a life changing situation, and our criminal justice system gives us the opportunity to try to “right a wrong” through the appeals process.

It is important that your appeal is filed very quickly after conviction. There is limited time in which to file an appeal. Although it may take months to resolve, once it is in process, the initial filing is time sensitive. If you feel that you have been wrongfully convicted on a DUI charge of any type, or that your sentence was far beyond what it should have been, I can help. Contact my firm so we can review the situation and determine how to move forward with the appeals process.

A Reno DUI appeals attorney from the firm can help you if you were wrongfully convicted or sentenced at a DUI trial.

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