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Driver’s License Restoration in Reno

Reno DUI Attorney

After a DUI arrest, you will have an automatic suspension of your driver’s license through the DMV. Without immediate action from a Reno DUI lawyer to represent you at a DMV hearing, you can expect to lose your license for a period of time, even in a first time DUI charge. When it is time to restore your driving privileges, you can get assistance from me, Reno DUI lawyer Walter Fey. I have helped countless individuals either avoid license suspension or get their right to driver restored. Each case must be evaluated so I can determine how to move forward and what legal action to take for you.

Driver’s License Suspension and Revocation in Reno

It is extremely important that you have the legal right to drive and don’t operate a vehicle until your driver’s license is reinstated. Charges of driving on a suspended license will make your legal problems much worse. It is advised that you contact me to discuss your situation so we can find the legal options to get your license back.

After a driver’s license suspension period is completed, you it is important to get legal help to assist you in getting your license back. Different charges can vary what will happen with regard to a driver’s license restoration. Some may have to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle they drive. You also may be required to re-take all the DMV tests that qualify you for a license, including vision, driving and the written test. You will also require proof of insurance in order to be able to get your driver’s license back.

Some DUI convictions will require that you have no further violations or your license will be once again be suspended. Your case is unique, and in order to best serve you in getting the situation resolved, I urge you to contact me at my firm so I can review your situation and determine the fastest method to help you to get back behind the wheel legally.

Contact a Reno DUI lawyer from the firm for assistance in restoring your driver’s license.

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