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Reno DUI Attorney: Types of DUI Charges

Experienced DUI Representation

Driving under the influence of intoxicants (alcohol or drugs) is a crime that, unlike most other criminal offenses, can happen to anyone. The defense of Nevada DUI cases requires both a sound foundation in science and an excellent command of this area of the law. For example, how can a DUI blood test be discredited if the attorney has no clue of how the chemicals in the vacuum tube used to draw the blood are supposed to react with the DUI blood sample? How many Zoloft tabs constitute “driving under the influence”?

You need someone who has the experience and specialized knowledge to successfully handle today's DUI cases. As an experienced criminal attorney in Reno, specially trained in DUI cases, I have both the knowledge and experience to aggressively defend those accused of driving under the influence in Nevada. My personalized and professional approach to your Reno DUI can greatly increase the chances of a better case outcome.

DUI: Misdemeanor or Felony Charges

Driving under the influence is more than just alcohol and illegal drug-related – it includes prescription drugs and even over the counter remedies. The key factor is whether or not driving ability is impaired. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit does not apply to illegal substances. A blood test revealing illegal drugs carries penalties equal to or greater than penalties for alcohol consumption.

The “per se” illegal standard in Nevada is 0.008 grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood of a person or 210 liters of his or her breath. This is a very small amount and many people do not “feel” intoxicated at this level. The test results are sometimes subject to challenge due to the improper gathering procedures or the handling and testing procedures. These areas are often ripe for challenge by an experienced and capable defense lawyer.

You could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending upon the circumstances of the case, whether anyone was injured, and your prior DUI convictions on record. My firm represents clients facing all types of DUI charges, including:

Contact a Reno DUI Attorney from my firm for the professional legal representation you need in all types of DUI offenses.

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