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Reno DUI Attorney: First Time DUI Charges

Legal Help for a First DUI Offense

The Law Office of Walter B. Fey provides an effective defense for those drivers arrested for a first time DUI offense. A DUI is a serious charge and the defendant should regard it that way no matter what the circumstances of the drunk driving incident. It is important to seek legal counsel and contact a Reno DUI attorney for legal advice and guidance throughout the process. My law practice provides professional services on a personal level earning me a reputation as a trusted attorney with a proven success record when defending DUI cases. In 2003, I trained in DWI (DUI) Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing under a certified NHTSA instruction. I have published articles for the Nevada Bar Journal and a contributor to the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice newsletter. I have defended numerous criminal cases including felony trials and many misdemeanor trials. A vast experience in the criminal justice system contributes to success for my clients inside and outside of the courtroom.

Common Penalties for First Time DUI

A first time offense for drunk driving in Nevada is a misdemeanor and the penalties are less than multiple DUIs. Common penalties can include the following if the offense was the first in 7 years:

  • 2 days – 6 months jail time
  • Fines $400 - $1,000, plus assessments and fees
  • Court-mandated drug and alcohol classes or counseling
  • 90 days driver’s license suspension

The penalties may increase if there are additional factors such as the presence of a minor, high blood alcohol level or open alcohol containers in the vehicle. A first time DUI that causes a traffic collision with serious injuries or fatalities is an automatic felony offense with a prison term, large fines and other penalties imposed by the courts. It is important to retain counsel and have representation from the time of arrest, at DMV hearings, arraignment and all stages of a criminal DUI case. Walter B. Fey is knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law and focuses on DUI defense. Make an appointment today for a consultation with me at my law offices. I am more than qualified to seek out all the options to defend your case.

Contact a Reno first time DUI lawyer following an arrest for first time DUI charge.

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