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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about DUI Charges

Will I go to jail?

Nevada law includes jail time in all DUI convictions. A first DUI, if convicted, can lead to up to 6 months in jail if the judge feels that is what you deserve. If you act quickly and contact me, Reno DUI lawyer Walter Fey, I can take action to defend you against jail time and other penalties.

Will I lose my license?

A license suspension is automatic after being charged with DUI. If you choose to defend against charges, I can represent you at the DMV hearing to fight the suspension and defend your right to legally drive.

Should I just plead guilty to DUI?

Many people do. They may not realize that their case could have been successfully defended. The costs involved in a DUI conviction are far beyond just fines, court fees and lengthy and expensive DUI training classes. You will now have higher car insurance rates, and can even lose potential employment opportunities as you could appear to be more of a risk to an employer if you have a conviction for DUI on your record. You should get your case evaluated at once by our firm to discuss a defense and review the evidence against you for flaws.

What types of DUI charges does your firm defend against?

I represent clients facing all types of DUI charges, including felony DUI, first time DUI, CDL DUI, DUI with injury, multiple DUI, underage DUI, out of state DUI, DUI & drugs, leaving the scene, vehicular manslaughter, BUI, as well as DUI expungement, driver's license restoration, and DUI appeals, among others.

How do I choose a DUI lawyer?

Look for training, experience, successful case results and someone that you know will focus on your case and not treat you like just another number. In order to successfully defend a DUI charge, it takes conviction and a full focus on your case. I take on cases fully committed to fighting for every possible advantage for my clients.

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