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You need an "Expert" for all that.....

Here they come, the “Experts” who are going to be able to unerringly determine whether a motorist is under the influence of drugs or prohibited substances. These are the Drug Recognition Experts, or the DRE officers.

In what was intended to be a massive nationwide program of education and training for experienced law enforcement officers to use when confronted with motorists who seem impaired by something other than alcohol, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) created the Drug Recognition Program.

What does DRE stand for? Take your pick; it either stands for Drug Recognition Examination or it stands for Drug Recognition Expert. The word “Expert,” however, is truly a misnomer, because in the State of Nevada, an expert has a particular definition. I could call myself a legal “Expert” or a trial “Expert,” for example, but that wouldn’t make me one. In order to qualify as an expert in a Nevada court, it is incumbent upon a judge to declare that a person is an expert, and in many cases, to be “certified” by the judge as an expert.

Police officers who complete the DRE training are no more experts in drug detection than I am, yet they come into court and posit and deduce and surmise and speculate and guess about whether a motorist is under the influence of Cannabis, or Methamphetamine, or Zoloft, or whatever drug may be in the person’s system.

A drug recognition examination (DRE) is supposedly conducted by a drug recognition expert (DRE) but as a Nevada DUI Lawyer, I have yet to see a completed DRE examination in a DUI case. What normally happens is that a person is asked whether they have consumed any drugs and if the answer is yes, the investigation focuses on the time and quantity of ingestion of THAT PARTICULAR DRUG! If a motorist admits to using marijuana (Cannabis), for example, the DRE officer invariably concludes that the motorist is under the influence of that drug.

I once had a client who was accused of being alternately under the influence of either a narcotic analgesic drug or a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. Not only was my client absolutely NOT under the influence of any medication, but the officer testified that his training and experience in detecting drugged drivers was such that he didn’t need to conduct a full DRE investigation because her overt symptoms of drug intoxication were so acute. Why was she arrested? She truthfully told the officer that she had a prescription for a muscle relaxant medication, and then showed him the prescription bottle. That’s when the phony drug recognition tests were administered and she was taken into custody.

When confronted with a rabid, zero tolerance, drug phobic police officer, you should contact a Nevada DUI Lawyer to assist you. Your freedom is at stake.