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How Do I Get My License Back after a DUI Arrest?

If a law enforcement officer has reason to suspect that you were operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can place you under arrest and confiscate your driver's license. This means that two separate cases would subsequently be opened: the civil case and the criminal case. While you would be required to participate in criminal proceedings after a DUI arrest, you can choose not to request a DMV administrative hearing—as this would be utilized to contend the impending suspension of your license. Although DMV hearings are more difficult to win, since the state only needs to meet a "preponderance of evidence," we recommended that you do not forfeit your driving privileges without a fight. Under certain circumstances, you could even win the case be default.

It is also important to understand that participating in a DMV hearing could bolster your chances of winning the criminal case. Since your Reno DUI attorney would be able to cross-examine the arresting officer on the record, it would give them the opportunity to press the officer about the circumstances that eventually led to your detainment. Should they admit that a mistake was made during their investigation, your lawyer can request a transcript of their testimony and use it as evidence in the subsequent criminal trial. For this reason, it is imperative that you retain the help of an experienced legal professional as soon as you have been placed under arrest for DUI. You will only have a limited amount of time to request an administrative hearing, so you will need to move quickly.

When making a decision about whether or not to fight for the reinstatement of your driving privileges, you must also take into consideration that your license would still be suspended if you are found guilty at the criminal trial—despite the outcome of the DMV hearing. For this reason, it may only be worth the effort if you believe that you have a chance at avoiding a conviction. When you enlist the help of a Reno DUI lawyer from The Law Office of Walter B. Fey, however, you can discuss these matters in further detail. Since each case is different, it may be impossible to decide on a practical course of action without the qualified guidance of a legal professional. As such, you should not hesitate to get started today by contacting our firm at 1-888-339-4384 and scheduling an initial consultation.