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Cross-Examination of a Police Officer During a DUI Trial

Police officers play in intrinsic role in DUI cases. The police officers are the ones who are out patrolling the roads, pulling over potential drunk drivers, administering field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests, making the determination as to whether or not drivers have been driving under the influence, placing suspected drunk drivers under arrest and more. There is no doubt that the prosecution will be getting the support of the arresting officers in an effort to help secure a conviction. To help protect your rights, and make certain that your interests are well-represented, it is strongly advised that you have a skilled Reno DUI lawyer on your side.

Many lawyers have experience defending DUI cases, however not all of them have been trained by NHTSA instructors on the same DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing procedures used by local police. Also, very few of them have the level of knowledge I have amassed during my time working for the Public Defender's Office and during my 14 years in private practice. If you have been arrested or charged with DUI I recommend you contact my firm, The Law Office of Walter B. Fey, at once. DUI charges are very serious, and it is important that they be addressed immediately so as to improve your chances of getting the charges reduced or dismissed.

When you contact my firm I will take the time to thoroughly review the charges against you, interview eyewitnesses, gather additional evidence to use in your defense, advise you honestly of your legal options and fight for your defense at trial. I will also be able to conduct an in-depth cross examination of the arresting officers to help uncover any inconsistencies in testimony, any discrepancies in the administration of field sobriety or breath or blood tests, and other factors which could support the case for your defense. Contact my firm as soon as possible.