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The Threat of Losing a Commercial Driver’s License

The loss of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) due to a DUI can be devastating for the license holder. A driver who depends on a CDL license may experience lost employment and financial hardship if unable to earn a living that depends on the use of the license. The Nevada laws are strict concerning drunk drivers operating a vehicle with a commercial license, as the blood alcohol level measurement requirement for a DUI is less than that of a regular driver’s license. If you are a CDL driver and have been charged with a DUI, the Law Office of Walter B. Fey can provide you with the representation you need. Call me immediately at (775) 329-1101 for a case review.

Following an arrest for a CDL DUI, contact a Reno DUI attorney knowledgeable in all aspects of DUI offenses for legal guidance throughout each step of the DUI process. The Law Office of Walter B. Fey is committed to helping clients in need of legal representation for a CDL DUI offense. My extensive experience as an attorney defending clients in the criminal court systems as a public defender and in private practice has earned me a position of respect and prominence in the area of criminal defense with a focus on DUI cases.

I am admitted to practice in all counties and courts in the state of Nevada, including the Federal Court for the District of Nevada. A criminal conviction can cause the loss of certain rights and freedoms for the individual. A strong defense is necessary when a commercial driver’s license is in jeopardy due to a drunk driving charge.

CDL DUI Lawyer in Reno

Law enforcement might pull over a driver suspected of drunk driving and officers can administer field sobriety tests and breathalyzer or blood tests to determine whether a driver is too impaired to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. The tests conducted in the open in uncontrolled conditions, usually at night, are often unreliable. A defense attorney can challenge all evidence presented by a prosecutor including test results, arrest procedures and other evidence pertaining to the DUI case.

A conviction in a commercial driver’s license DUI can result in jail time, large fines, license suspension, community service, court ordered DUI classes, and other penalties. Walter B. Fey represents many clients with serious criminal charges of a CDL DUI during each step from the time of arrest, during DMV hearings regarding license suspension, arraignment, and court hearings. The goal when defending clients is for the best possible outcome for the case depending on the circumstances of the DUI. Make an appointment today for a consultation.

Contact a Reno CDL DUI lawyer for legal help and effective representation for a CDL DUI charge.

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