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Reno DUI Lawyer: DUI Preliminary Hearing

The Preliminary Hearing in a Reno DUI Charge

preliminary hearing DUI

The preliminary hearing is a key phase in the court process for a DUI case. It enables the judge to review the evidence and hear witness testimony about the incident. During the preliminary hearing, you or your lawyer can fight to have the charges against you dismissed, you can attempt to arrange a plea bargain, witnesses can be presented on your behalf and the prosecution’s witnesses can be cross examined to expose falsehoods or inconsistencies in their testimony, and key evidence can be ruled inadmissible during the full trial. If you are in the process of going to court for a DUI, call my law firm at (775) 329-1101 for exceptional DUI representation.

If the evidence has been tampered with or was obtained in an improper or illegal fashion, the judge may rule that it can’t be presented during the trial. Witnesses can directly counter points on the officer’s arrest report and violations of your legal rights can be exposed. These can cause the judge to determine that there aren’t proper grounds to proceed with the trial, they can make the prosecution decide to offer a plea bargain, or can prove extremely beneficial during the actual trial.

Reno DUI Lawyer

When facing charges of driving under the influence, it’s highly advisable to obtain a Reno DUI attorney that is fully familiar with the nuances of DUI trials. I have been providing people with legal counsel for more than 25 years and am passionate about defending people against charges of impaired driving. I will conduct a thorough review of the evidence against you, as well as the police officer’s actions, in order to vigorously attack the prosecution’s case during the preliminary hearing and push to get the case thrown out, or have key evidence ruled inadmissible during the actual trial.

By attempting to defend yourself in a DUI case, you leave yourself vulnerable to making crucial mistakes or missing key opportunities that can cost you dearly. DUI charges are extremely serious and the consequences can last for years.

Contact a Reno DUI lawyer to obtain experienced legal counsel to defend against charges of driving under the influence.

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