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DUI with Injury Accidents in Reno

Reno DUI Defense Attorney

Individuals who drink and drive injure or kill more people in traffic collisions in the U.S. each year than any other type of traffic accident. Many of those drivers are first time offenders or those with no prior criminal history or serious traffic offenses. The crime is serious and the penalties are significant. A person facing a DUI with injuries charge should contact a Reno DUI attorney for legal advice and before speaking with the authorities to avoid making possible incriminating statements. Call my law firm today at (775) 329-1101!

The Law Office of Walter B. Fey has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide a professional defense in cases of drunk driver related injuries. My defense practice focuses on DUI cases and helping individuals facing serious criminal charges. I will guide you and protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. Extensive experience as a public defender and in private practice enables me to provide competent legal counsel to clients. I was admitted to practice in the state of Nevada in 1987 and have defended numerous clients in felony jury trials.

Penalties for DUI Related Injuries

In Nevada, a drunk driver who causes fatalities or substantial bodily harm to others can face felony charges whether a first offense or repeated DUI offenses. Penalties can increase if a child was involved, or if the driver leaves the scene of the accident.

The offense has harsh penalties and can include:

  • Up to 20 year prison sentence
  • Large fines and court fees
  • License revocation
  • Court mandated DUI classes and counseling

A judge may impose further penalties of community service, periodic chemical testing, and an ignition interlock device. A felony conviction means a loss of certain rights and freedoms for the offender. I, Walter Fey, have the trial experience and understanding of DUI laws required for representation in the courtroom and during all phases of a DUI with injury case. Make an appointment today for a consultation to discuss your case and how I will defend you in court.

Contact a Reno DUI lawyer for legal representation if arrested for a DUI with injuries or fatalities.

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  1. Quality Defense, Caring Service, Solid Representation
  2. Long Background Serving as a Public Defender
  3. Member of the National College of DUI Defense
  4. Specific Training and Experience in Sobriety Testing
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